On the occasion of the 2nd edition of the International Traditional Driving Competition of Amboise, the Pagode de Chanteloup park welcomes you on Sunday, September 23, 2018 from 9am to 6pm.

The association “Terres de Loire Animations” organizes, in partnership with the National Studs and the French Association of Driving, an international event of coupling of tradition in the park of Pagoda of Chanteloup.


  • a presentation of crews and horse-drawn carriages (designed and manufactured, mostly a hundred years ago),
  • a road course of about fifteen kilometers in real traffic conditions comprising five controlled passages with a technical challenge,
  • a maneuverability test to highlight the dexterity of the leaders and the training of equines.

The harnessed road course will take private and public roads and will explore vineyards and forests in the communes of Lussault-sur-Loire and Amboise. The presentation of each team of tradition, crews, horse-drawn carriages and the test of maneuverability will take place in the magnificent park of 14 hectares of the Pagoda of Chanteloup, architectural madness of the XVIII ° century.

Hitch, heritage and Center Val de Loire will be able to combine throughout this day and highlight an unusual dimension of the world equine.

Do you want to participate in the contest? Fill out your registration form on https://www.ifce.fr/events/transition-transition-a-amboise/


Entry fee 2 €

Adult picnic basket 12,50 € (on reservation)

Junior picnic basket 7 € (on reservation)

The entrance fee gives access to the park, the wooden games, the small Chinese garden, the tea room and the contest.

The park of the Pagoda of Chanteloup dedicates this day to the contest, the monument and the small museum will be closed Sunday, September 23.

Do you want to book your picnic basket in advance? Contact us on 02 47 57 20 97 or by mail at info@pagode-chanteloup.com