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The Pagode de Chanteloup, a XVIIIth century ‘s Folly, in the middle of the châteaux of the Loire Valley, is the witness of the Duke of Choiseul’s domain. Virtual reconstruction images allow you to relive the splendour of the castle, destroyed in 1823.
From the top of the Pagoda, 44 metres high, you will enjoy an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the Loire Valley and the Forest of Amboise.

In the 35 acre park, come and discover the fun of « old-fashioned » outdoor games, taste the delights of a country picnic, enjoy the quaint Chinese garden which invite you to meditate or take a romantic boat ride on the ornamental lake.


The ‘Duke of Choiseul’s Folly’ or ‘Friendship monument’ was built in 1775 after his exile from King Louis XV’s court as a token of his gratitude towards his loyal friends who stood by him.

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The Monument and country walking in the park

Climb the 149 steps to reach the last level, and enjoy an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the Loire Valley and the Forest of Amboise, whose green alleys still witness the splendour of the former XVIIIth century’s castle.

Enjoy the 35 acres of the park, for a picnic or just a pleasant walk around the semi-circular main water feature, which leads off the Plane tree lined Grand Canal.

Have fun with kids and friends, playing wth the old-fashioned outdoor wooden games, hand made by local craftsmen.

Come and enjoy our quaint Chinese garden, its oriental plants, Chinese ornaments and atmosphere invite you to meditate.

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Tant the little baskets of  Chanteloup, made of fresh products from local producers.

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By its architecture, its history, the Pagode de Chanteloup is an original monument, born from the Enlightenment and built in a majestic area, on the edge of the forest.
It’s at Chanteloup that the Duke of Choiseul, Prim Minister of the King Louis XV, hosted his friends. This ‘friendship monument’ was built by Choiseul as a token of his gratitude towards his loyal friends who stood by him.
You can reserve the site of the Pagode de Chanteloup ‘only for you’. This 34-acres park will present you beautiful surroundings for your reception to delight your guests.

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