Awe-inspiring panoramic view

At 44 metres high, the Pagoda is raised on seven levels and has seven stone domes set back from each other.
The interior stairs will lead you to the top and give you access to one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Loire Valley and the former royal forest of Amboise.

Walk in the park

Take a stroll through the 14-hectare Chanteloup Park, admire the perspective of the Pagoda from the Grand Canal, tour the water mirror in which the Pagoda is reflected and discover a peaceful place in the heart of the Amboise Forest.

Old-fashioned wooden games

For young and old alike, various activities have been created to playfully animate your visit. A wide variety of antique wooden games are thus made available, in the tradition of the games so appreciated and practiced by the 18th century society in the gardens of Chanteloup.

Examples: the game of the pendulum, the game of pool cues, the game of the “crunch”, the games of the barrel (or “game of the frog”), the games of the top, the game of the big arcades (or “Hole-Madame”), the bowling games, with their original rule, and many games of skill (the horizontal maze and the vertical maze), puzzles, games of patience and games of board.

Small Iconographic Museum

The history of the Domaine de Chanteloup from yesterday to today

The former Concierge Pavilion, at the entrance to the Pagoda, has been redesigned to house a Small Museum illustrating portraits of Chanteloup’s historical figures, plans for the gardens and the Palace.

With a façade as large as the Palace of Versailles, Chanteloup Castle was one of the most prominent places in the time of the Duke of Choiseul. You can discover the splendour of this Disappeared Palace through a virtual tour in 3D synthetic images (18min, subtitled in English) tracing the plans of the Palace and its gardens from the time of Choiseul.

Fu Hsi’s garden

  • © J.Damase CRT Centre

Come discover the small Chinese garden, its oriental essences, its Chinese ornaments, in an atmosphere that invites you to meditate.

Boat ride on water pond

For a better contemplation of the monument and its reflection in the large water room, come and enjoy a boat ride with friends or family.

Rental €6 per hour.

Maximum 4 people per boat.

  • © J.Damase CRT Centre