Awe-inspiring panoramic view

With its 44 meter height, la Pagode de Chanteloup rises on 7 levels. It has seven stone domes.

The interior stairs will lead you to the to and give you access to one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Loire Valley and the former royal forest of Amboise.

Walk in the park

Have a quiet and pleasant walk in the park, around the semi-circular ornamental lake, enjoy the viewpoint on the Plane tree lined Grand Canal…

Old-fashioned wooden games

Play with the amazing old-fashioned outdoor wooden games, all hand made by local craftsmen, for the enjoyment of young and old alike : the pendulum game, the sliding ball, the “frog” barrel game, the giant spinning top, the old-style bowling with original rules, the vertical and horizontal mazes, patience and puzzle games, and many more board games from various countries…

The former Palace

With a frontage as wide as Versailles Castle, the Castle of Chanteloup was one of the most fashioned places of the XVIIIth century. The Duke of Choiseul organized huge feasts, gathering many high ranked people from the King’s court.

Discover the splendor of the former palace, through a virtual visit of the Castle and the Gardens of Chanteloup (movie of 18’min, subtitled in english).

The Fû Hsi garden

  • © J.Damase CRT Centre

Come and enjoy our quaint Chinese garden, its oriental plants, Chinese ornaments and atmosphere invite you to meditate.

Boat ride

  • © J.Damase CRT Centre

  • © J.Damase CRT Centre

Take a romantic boat ride on the ornamental lake.

Price : 5 € / hour per boat (Maximum 4 per boat).